Some things I’ve written recently…

Here are a few things I have written for PUP Dog Rescue and for work:

Rescue Group Saves Chihuahua (KOMO News)

When Zoey was rescued by PUP Dog Rescue, it was unclear if her relationship with this organization would be that of hospice or hope. In spite of a fractured jaw, suspicious breast tumors and severe gum disease, PUP was certain they could make a difference in this little dog’s life. Coordinating with California shelters, PUP was able to save her from the fate of being destroyed.

Microsoft Solution Accelerators (TechNet)

Thank you for joining the Solution Accelerators team and our experts at MMS 2011! Missed this year’s event? Check out interviews and keynote videos on TechNet Edge, or browse below for videos about Security Compliance Manager with Chase Carpenter and more. MMS 2012 will be April 16-20, 2012, registration opens in the fall.

Dewey’s Story (Trupanion Pet Insurance Blog)

I don’t know the story of how Dewey found himself at a high kill shelter in California, and I doubt he’ll ever tell me. Today he sits on the deck outside in the sun while I write this, but earlier this year he was scheduled to be destroyed.


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